Road Trip - How to Plan a Road Trip to Canada

How to Plan a Road Trip to Canada

Are you a traveler looking for new adventure? If you’re in search of some exciting journey that’s full of beautiful sceneries, then you should consider going on a road trip to Canada. While most are having their travels within the confines of the U.S. borders, venturing out over to the Canadian side and exploring some wonderful destinations such as Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Banff, Niagara Falls, Quebec City and many others would make the journey even more worth it.

However, given the cross-border nature of the journey, it is essential that you prepare a travel plan with a well laid-out itinerary especially if you’re bringing your family with you. And to make things easy for you, here are some pointers that I’d like to share which would hopefully make the whole experience a lot smoother.

Know Where You’re Going

You might have heard of beautiful sites and sceneries from a friend or have read it from a travel blog online. It is easy to be inspired by what you’ve seen or heard but before falling prey to ‘impulse travel,’ and regretting everything, in the long run, be sure that you know where that majestic lake is or where you can find that cozy log cabin which your friend told you about. Here are a few suggestions I can give in this first stage:

  • Get to your computer and start searching for the place that you want to visit. Know what kind of accommodations are there and learn about the activities that you and your family can enjoy. Starting with a theme in mind is good. For instance, you can choose an adventure that’s focused on history, outdoor, city breaks, or you want to relax while enjoying the beautiful sceneries in nature.
  • Now that you know the place, the activities that the family can do there and the theme of the whole adventure which you want to implement, choosing the kind of clothes and other stuff to bring becomes a lot easier. Don’t bring too many stuff. Just pack things enough for the whole family and of course, it should fit in the car leaving enough space for everyone to breath.
  • Narrow down the places and sites that you want to visit and make sure that it would cater to the family’s travel vibes, preferences, and needs. If you’re having a hard time narrowing down the list, you can share it with the other members of your family so they can give their feedback or even remove as well as add additional sites and attractions to the final travel plan.

Know Exactly How to Get There

Now that you have the narrowed down list of places to visit on your road trip to Canada, it is time to identify the options on how to there and choose the one that will best serve your family and the budget. Will driving from home to the destination be right or you need to fly, rent a car then drive to reach the very first stop of the whole adventure? Adding plane tickets to the overall expense can be costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, you will need extra planning on this aspect. Check online and look for good deals and discounts on airline ticket prices.

Consider Logistics

Logistics is the next thing to consider. If you’re going to be on a road trip to Canada or to any other destination, you need to plan out every point on the itinerary especially that you’re hauling plenty of stuff with you plus the kids and other members of the family. Do some research and see what others did, what they brought with them on the journey, what kind of car they rented and many other details. Here are some things you need to ask your self at this stage:

  • How long will the journey/trip last?
  • How many sites will I visit?
  • How many nights will I spend at every destination?
  • How many hours of driving can I spend each day?
  • Will it cost more if I eat on the road or eat at the destination? Research for some excellent place for food stops.
  • What possible emergencies and unexpected things can happen? Do I have enough time to deal with them while going to a particular destination? Allow plenty of padding for these circumstances.

There’s Always Red Tape

This can happen anywhere and not just on your road trip to Canada, and the best thing you can do is to always be prepared for it.

  • Be sure to bring all essential travel documents.
  • Secure confirmation emails of your hotel accommodation, tours, and even coupons. Be sure that they are accessible in your devices. Have extra copies of all these vital stuff printed just in case you need to present them, but internet service is not available.
  • Inform your bank and credit card provider about your trip out of the country.
  • Find a sitter for your pets.
  • Make sure that family, friends or even neighbors are aware that you’re going to be on a trip. Tell them when you are leaving and when you’re going to return.

Have an Amazing Road Adventure

Engaging your self on a road trip is a fantastic, life-changing experience. But they can also be one of your worst journeys if you don’t plan everything well ahead of time. Follow the tips I gave above, and you’re sure to have the best road trip experience to Canada, an experience that’s full of unforgettable memories which are all ready to last a lifetime.

Niagara Falls - 4 Things to Enjoy in Your Niagara Falls Adventure

4 Things to Enjoy in Your Niagara Falls Adventure

When thinking of the next adventure you would like to take on, the Niagara Falls in Canada might not make it to the top of your list probably because it doesn’t sound like an adventure at all. It’s more of a tourist attraction to some but did you know that there are fun and exciting things to do on your visit to this majestic wonder of nature? Yes! It’s more than just a border marker between the U.S. and Canada; it’s something that’s more than that! It features the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls situated on the U.S. side and the Niagara or Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian Side.

And if you want to enjoy everything that these beautiful attractions have to offer, you can do so by crossing over towards the Canadian side! While doing that, here are some fun and exhilarating things to do in your next Niagara Falls adventure.

1. Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise

The Canadian counterpart of the American Maid of the Mist Cruise is called the Hornblower Niagara Cruise. It’s a great way to get close to the base of the falls that pours up to 600,000 gallons (2,271,247 liters) of water. You’ll be able to hear and even feel the power of this beautiful masterpiece of nature, and while doing so, you’ll need to be ready to get wet. Be sure to put on the waterproof ponchos that are given as souvenirs and keep all your gadgets somewhere that’s safe from the mist. Having an extra pair of shoes and socks is also a good idea.

Night time cruises and attractions like the Falls Fireworks Cruise and the Falls Illumination Cruise are also available in case you want to have a unique experience. Schedule of voyages are set every 15 minutes starting April 1 towards November 30.

2. Fly Toward the Falls on a Zipline

Yes! You can enjoy a literal ‘bird’s eye view’ of the majestic Niagara falls through the WildPlay MistRider Zipline to the Falls attraction. There are 4 parallel ziplines which you and your friends or family can enjoy. It is 220 feet (67 meters) high and 2,200 feet (670 meters) long hovering with an excellent vantage point of the American and Niagara falls altogether. Feel the excitement of flying at speeds up to 40 mph when you try this fantastic ride and be amazed by the beauty of the Niagara River Gorge just below.

And if you’re hungry for more, you can try the other adventures and challenges available at WildPlay. There’s the Whirlpool Adventure Course which is a series of climbs, swings, jumps and a zip line that is suspended over the world famous Niagara river gorge and whirlpools. After you’re done with these, you can try the ‘What’s to Fear Jump’ which is certified to make your heart pound even faster. It’s a 40-foot loose-line jump that’s designed to complete your Niagara dare.

3. Explore the Beauty of Nature Around the Falls

Glen Nature Reserve is another attraction which you can enjoy on your trip to the Niagara Falls. It’s just a walking distance from the surrounding hotels at Niagara Falls, Canada. The reserve is one of the best-preserved nature spots along Ontario’s Southern Carolinian forests. You can enjoy the gardens and parks that extend along Niagara River Gorge’s banks which is a beautiful spot to relax while enjoying the beauty of the Niagara gorge and whirlpool. There’s also the hiking trails that take you through the virgin Niagara Escarpment.

Moreover, you will also enjoy 2.5 miles or 4 kilometers of hiking trails with rocky terrain and beautiful rock formations all over making it a perfect spot for bouldering. You will also have the chance of learning even more about flora and fauna around the area as well as history and other geological facts and relevant information through the hiking tours together with a trained and knowledgeable tour guide. Guided Tours are scheduled to leave each day at 11 am and 2 pm all throughout the summer months. Lastly, you can enjoy even more sceneries in the Butterfly Conservatory and the Niagara Glen Nature Center where you can get a permit for your bouldering adventure.

4. Witness the Power of Nature from Within

Journey Behind the Falls is an exciting way to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Niagara falls as it gives you access through tunnels cut through the rocks behind the falls itself. These tunnels were built 130 years ago situated 125 feet above and are accessible through stairs that travelers and tourists need to climb. You’ll be amazed by the thunderous sound of water falling from above before reaching the end of the journey marked by the observation deck.

You will also enjoy a peek through the observation panels that are carved through the rocks giving you a direct view of the falls from within. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience seeing with your naked eyes such great power of water crashing through the earth below it. And just like the cruises which allow you to observe from the front, you’ll also need your souvenir poncho when you get to the falls from behind. Keep all your gadgets safe and dry and bring an extra pair of shoes and socks which you can use right after the visit.

A Wonderful Adventure You Need to Experience!

As you can see, the Niagara Falls isn’t just an ordinary attraction which tourists can take pictures of. It is full of exciting activities and adventures which you can tick-off of your bucket list. From seeing the falls up-close to enjoying the different facilities and recreational activities available around the site, your trip will undoubtedly be one that’s going to be worth it! There’s much to feel excited about in Niagara than what you already think you know!

Alaska - 7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

Are you still looking to fill-in more items to your travel bucket list this year? If you haven’t listed Alaska in it, then you should consider doing so while you still got the chance. A cruise to the ‘Last Frontier State’ will give you a lot of wonderful experiences you never thought was possible. From beautiful sceneries in nature to the host of fun and exhilarating activities that are available, it truly is one of the best cruise destinations you can ever visit. And if you’re still not convinced then here are 7 reasons why a cruise to Alaska is a good item to add to your bucket list.

1. You Can Pick Your Cruise Line of Choice

When planning for your first cruise to Alaska, you’ll immediately realize that most trips are squeezed into 2 specific months and take only 1/3 of the year. They only occur between the middle of May down to the middle of September. There’s a variety of cruise ships for you to choose from. Just be sure to book your trip in advance to get your place in it reserved before the ship is filled-up.

2. It is a Perfect Destination for People of All Ages

When visiting Alaska, you will quickly realize that there are people of different age brackets who are visiting the place. There are those who go as a family and others as a pack of friends. There’s a vast variety of activities for everyone. From the kids up to the most aged member of the family, this place doesn’t lack of stuff to do to make the journey memorable!

3. Access to Wildlife and Icy Sceneries

Bear 1024x682 - 7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

Alaska is one of the few destinations in the world that gives tourists the chance to see and interact with wildlife that thrives on ice. It is your best chance to see an iceberg and witness beautiful wildlife in their natural environment. You will see everything from cute otters basking through the waters and bears hunting for fish. Having a chance to experience these relaxing scenes with your own naked eyes makes cruising to Alaska an excellent item to add to your bucket list.

4. Excursions by the Shore

It’s impossible to visit Alaska without experiencing its shores. A trip to the beautiful shorelines of ‘The Last Frontier’ state is a requirement in every trip. There are many exciting activities to try or you can just enjoy wandering around. There are many other fun activities to try when you’re in Alaska and taking a cruise is your best shot at experiencing all these!

5. You Get a Good Excuse to Tour the Land

Reaching Alaska on a cruise ship won’t allow you to see and experience all the other beautiful sites that are found on land. So it is an excellent excuse for you to take a land tour and witness even more before you return home on your cruise ship. When cruising to Alaska, it is definitely worth it to go and step on its land rather than staying aboard the ship all the time. Try embarking on this journey and you will surely enjoy the all the experiences and trips that you’ll have on land and aboard the ship!

6. Embark on a Historic Tour

The 200th anniversary of Alaska’s acquisition by the U.S. has been celebrated not too long ago. A decision that isn’t viewed as a good one to the point that it is even considered as a waste of money. While the anniversary has already passed, visiting the place will still allow you to celebrate that and at least have a view of the beautiful state that’s more of an asset than a waste of resource. Go on a cruise to Alaska and you’ll easily see why it is so.

7. The Alaska You’ll See Today Won’t Remain That Way Forever

Alaska Glacier Melt 1024x685 - 7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

You might have already heard about ‘Global Warming’ and its effects on the planet. No matter what other people say, this phenomenon is affecting and altering Alaska’s landscape at a rapid rate. Melting glaciers and natural habitats are being destroyed resulting in a depleting number of local species. This means that the Alaska you’ll see by the time you visit it on a cruise ship won’t stay as it is forever. So visit the place now while the landscape is still in relatively good shape. Do it soon before it is too late!

A Place Worth Adding to Your Bucket List

As you can see, Alaska isn’t just a mixture of ice, glaciers and white alps. It is a place that’s worthy to be added to your 2018 bucket list. Try it now and don’t wait for a few years more before going on a cruise to this beautiful paradise.

barcelona - Best Cultural Activities in Barcelona

Best Cultural Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a great wealth of culture brimming with art produced by the most influential artists in the history of modern art. Traditional architecture leaves you speechless as you explore and discover all there is in this beautiful city.

The Cathedral Sagrada Familia:

The Sagrada Familia is a landmark that defines the city. The head of œ work of Gaudí started for over 100 years and still under construction. It is visible throughout the city, and close you see one of the most majestic buildings in Barcelona.

Park Güell:

This famous Park is on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO, and it is one of the achievements of the architect Antoni Gaudí. Probably this œ work is one of the most amazing parks in the world. Gaudí used his imagination to create a œ work in curves that integrate with nature. A must see the Hall of 100 columns.

The magic fountains:

The artist Carles Buigas created this ambitious work in a year with the help of more than 3000 workers. The night begins the magic with a show of sound and light in time with jets of water tables. The show is not to be missed!

Casa Battló:

The casa Battló is another achievement of Gaudí which is located at the crossing of Gracia. She is known in Barcelona as the House of bones with balconies that look like fragments of skull. Some people also think that the façade looks like a skeleton. Another piece of Gaudí not to be missed!

casa mila - Best Cultural Activities in Barcelona

Casa Milà:

The casa mila is another building on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO in Barcelona. This monument is an example of art nouveau. You can visit the courtyard of the building, and it is also possible to see the wavy top terraces.

Royal square:

It is located in the charming old town of Barcelona. The name of the place is a tribute to King Ferdinand VII and the Spanish monarchy. It is the only square in arcades of the city with a fountain in the center called the three graces. It is an exceptional place with a character.

Funicular to Montjuic:

The most comfortable way to climb to the top of Montjuic is the funicular. The top you have incredible views of the city of Barcelona. It is also a perfect place for picnic in the open air. Visit the castle for a spectacular and unforgettable.

dobrazil post - Holidays in Marrakech: Discover the Heart of Morocco.

Holidays in Marrakech: Discover the Heart of Morocco.

The city of Marrakech is the major tourist destination of Morocco and has countless tourist attractions.The city is also known as the “Red city”, because of the walls that surround the old Medina. This one which is the historical center of the city of Marrakech. In the narrow alleyways of the 18 souks that entails the Medina of Marrakech, you will encounter a multitude of shops where you can find local goods at preferential rates during your stay at the Morocco.

One of the most impressive places of the city is without doubt the Djemma el Fna square, which is popular for large quantity of street performances there: you will find singers… The Djemma el Fna square is also the place to go in case you’d like to test the typical Moroccan cuisine during your stay in Marrakech: there you can find shops where various traditional dishes are cooked in fish, meat and vegetables. There are also shops of woodworkers who create items like adirondack chairs, learn more on this website.

Djemaa el Fna square - Holidays in Marrakech: Discover the Heart of Morocco.

One of the most romantic places in Marrakech is the Majorelle Park, by the name of Jacques Majorelle, a french artist who came to live in Marrakech in 1919.The Garden opened to the public in 1947. In 1980, after years of abandonment, the couturier Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought. Today, the Majorelle garden houses plants from five continents and more than 15 species of birds. In addition, in the former studio of Jacques Majorelle, you will find a Museum of Islamic art. The exhibits are from the private collection of “Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé. A few paintings and lithographs of Jacques Majorelle are also exposed.

Yves Saint Laurent - Holidays in Marrakech: Discover the Heart of Morocco.

Finally, what would a stay in the city of Marrakech without a tour of its riads during your vacation to the Morocco?A riad is a traditional Moroccan House surrounded by walls high and thick, with a courtyard. At the heart of this Court is often a garden, a fountain or a basin of fresh water. All the parts of a riad overlook the garden. During your stay in Marrakech, you will surely have the opportunity to visit a riad because nowadays many of them have been converted into hotels, restaurants, hammams, or spas.

london - Admire the views in London

Admire the views in London

The city of London contains a wealth of fascinating things to discover and activities of all kinds. To spare you a little, you probably want to find a place where you can relax, take a step back and savor the experience of this remarkable capital from all points of view.

Fortunately, you can find all sorts of places perfect for this and admire beautiful views at the same time. First get a map of London.

In London, we can still find a few quiet places that allow to escape from the noise in the Center.The Oxo Tower, for example, has a free access platform which it has stunning views of many monuments and famous neighborhoods of London.

oxo tower - Admire the views in London

It is located on the South Bank of the Thames and you gives the opportunity to admire the sky London, famous all over the world, while taking time to breathe.

Of course, you don’t have to stand there and do nothing make enjoying the scenery.

The Oxo Tower contains a bar and a restaurant, so that you can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks of all kinds while you admire the view around.

This free attraction visitors can also follow nonchalantly to look the company ships Thames River Boat Cruise that come and go on the Thames, with their load of vacationers who want to discover the wonders architecture of the city in a different way and at a different speed.

Westminster is another area that you will discover in peace and quiet.

For lovers of calm, the Parliament may not immediately comes to mind if you want to escape the hectic pace of the center of the capital.

A small park located right next to the historic building seems miraculously escape from the noise of the cars.

Maybe it’s the incredible view over the River Thames and famous buildings such as St Thomas’ Hospital and Westminster Bridge, which give this impression of oasis.

The people who visit London for a prolonged weekend can get easily lost in admiration of these unforgettable places.

In the Park, benches are installed opposite the River, so if you want to stop to read a book, eat a snack or simply admire the view, you can stay as long as you want.

Parliament Hill, in the District of Hampstead Heath is another place you can look at a glance all the northern part of London.

As you walk, you will find all sorts of places you a spectacular view of the northern districts of the capital.

Primrose Hill, nearby, is another place that offers magnificent views of the sky of London, overlooking Regent’s Park, the neighbourhood of the West End and the London zoo.

primrose hill - Admire the views in London

If you are in half South of the capital, why not head to Richmond Park to discover a great show?

Richmond Park is the largest urban park surrounded by enclosed walls of Britain.From the top of the Hill, we have an amazing view of the Cathedral of St Paul’s.

From up there you can even contemplate on the horizon the NatWest Tower, the Gherkin and the London Eye.Lovers of panoramic views probably won’t miss this opportunity during their stay.

London is full of famous buildings in the world and unforgettable.The city gives the impression of wanting to show them off as much as possible so she is proud.

Take some time to venture to these locations recommended for all visitors.

After all, this will allow you may discover and choose the attractions. London is really worth to be explored thoroughly.

atlanta ga - Traveling to Atlanta Georgia

Traveling to Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is among the best locations I have been to in the United States. Apart from turning out to be the most populated town in the United States, Atlanta may be the 3rd biggest town in the U.S. and is referred to as the best internet business community and transportation hub of the nation (it contains the busiest airport too).

In terms of tourism, Georgia’s capital city even offers lots to brag about. Several of the Atlanta attractions are recognized throughout the world. It is where world headquarters of Coke, Delta Airlines, and AT&T are located. Apart from that, you will find in addition tour choices for the Atlanta Zoo, an inside CNN Studio Tour, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, The Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Atlanta History Center and also the High Museum of Art.

atlanta header - Traveling to Atlanta Georgia

An extremely prominent destination among Atlanta attractions will be the High Museum of Art. So what is with this tourist destination which draws a considerable crowd every day?

Below are 3 things that are essential to The High Museum of Art which really makes it stand out among other Atlanta attractions.

mueseum - Traveling to Atlanta Georgia• The High Museum of Art is referred to as the top art museum within the Southeastern portion of the United States. It is a division of the Woodruff Arts Center (together with the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Young Audiences as well as the 14th Street Playhouse).

• “The High” as it’s popularly known as, is a haven which can hold more than 11,000 arts in its permanent collection. Within its wall space are functions of the 19th and 20th-century American art, European art, decorative arts, African American art, contemporary art , modern African art and photography.

• On top of every one of these, The High is likewise a powerful advocate of supporting self-taught Southern artists. The museum carries a curatorial division that is particularly dedicated to the area of self-taught art. This is a distinctive element among North American museums. The museum also hosts an annual film festival and several unique season art exhibitions from numerous international artists.

These are simply three facts which set The High Museum of Art apart from another museum which are a part of the Atlanta attractions roster. Plan a visit to Atlanta. Go to all of the Atlanta attractions and determine why The High stands out.

Blog8 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Today, we discuss the city so nice that they had to name it twice! We’re talking about the fabulous New York City! Join us as we tackle where to stay, what do to, and what to see in the city that never sleeps!

What is New York City?

This fixture in our cinematic history is in the United States. It is the apex of American culture. It is where commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, and so many others were built and grew into the institutions it is today.

ny1 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Why visit this place?

It’s a full celebration of everything that humanity has accomplished. You want to taste different cultures? New York has a plethora of “little” boroughs—communities of immigrants that brought their cultures with them. This means a variety of food, check out the catering in New York and what they offer, wares, textiles, and so many others. To give you a better idea of why New York is somewhere you’d want to be, let’s break down the reasons why!

Food from all over the world

We’re not kidding about this one. If you’ve got a hankering for Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Kosher, etc you’ll never find yourself wanting in New York. With a lot of food places that cater to patrons 24/7, you’ll always have options. If going out at 2:30 in the morning isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can order in. As Blair Waldorf once said, “We can survive on take-out for months and never have to order the same thing twice.”

The food in the heart of the city differs from the food in the boroughs and other parts of the city. So you can let your taste buds run wild with the options.

 Fashion finds

New York is the place for both high-end and lowbrow fashion finds. Labels like to call New York as their home. Why wouldn’t they? The sheer number of guests and wealthy locals keep the specialized industry alive and well. Not to mention that if you time your trip just right and you get suitable invites, you can even see New York Fashion Week!

Architectural marvels

Skyscrapers are the usual sight in New York. Most buildings allow tourists to go to the top floor or their viewing deck to enjoy the sights of the New York skyline. New York City also has several bridges that are worth seeing. The Brooklyn footbridge makes for a good walk and you can simultaneously get a good view of the city from afar.

ny2 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Crash course in American culture

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Americans at their best (and worst), the Big Apple is where you go. Get your fill of crazy cabs, funny locals, snooty upper East and West people, and many of the curious tourists just like yourself.

A trip to New York is never something that anyone regrets even if the trip has some mishaps. The mere act of being in the Times Square is a feat in itself. If you’ve ever been there and got some tips to share, send us a message and we’d love to incorporate your thoughts for future discussions.