How to Plan Your Dream Vacation Like a Boss

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No matter what kind of vacation it is that you have in mind- whether you’re going alone, be with the family, sibling, best friend or your partner; planning things ahead of time spells a big difference. Thinking of the things that need to be accomplished before leaving and doing all of them to the letter is essential. Failing to plan is like planning to fail as they say and if you don’t put enough effort on this crucial step, you’re up to forgetting something huge along the way. Planning is vital for the success of your dream vacation and in this article, I will give you some tips that will help you do this like a boss.

Have Your Hotel and Flight Booked

This is ideally the first thing that you need to do in the early stages of planning your vacation. Hotel and Airline ticket are the most expensive part of a trip but with serious planning and searching for the best deals; you’ll soon find out that they can also be cheap. And here’s a tip for you; the sooner you book both, the more you’re going save. Go through travel websites but don’t believe everyone that is claiming to offer the best savings. Not all of them does so if you’re going to be in the U.S., is the site to visit for the best rates in lodging. For your flights, Google Flights can help you find trips and schedules that fit your budget. If you’re going on a vacation to the U.K., check to see the best offers in hotels and accommodation.

Think of the Activities to Do When You Get There

Now that you have a place where you can stay while in the place and a way to reach the destination itself, the next thing that you need to plan about are the activities that you’re going to do while you’re there. Think of the purpose why you’re going on a trip? Do you want to relax, bond, explore or have some new adventures? Every single one of these vacation themes would have different itineraries and activities so be sure to plan the details in advance to avoid cramming.

Next, you can research the place using Google. Just type in ‘visit abcxyz city’ and the search results will return some useful tools that you can use for planning and know deeper details like recreational activities to enjoy, places for dining and even festivals and other traditions. You can also take time to talk with people who have already been there. Go to Facebook or follow a travel blogger. Look up pages or follow hashtags in Instagram or Twitter. All these can help you find the most exciting things to try while visiting the place.

Plan Your Transportation While on the Ground

This is as important as all the other steps mentioned above. Upon arriving at the airport in your destination country, you should already have a shuttle that will pick you up and bring you to your hotel. Planning can save you from a lot of trouble. If you’ll be commuting a lot, be sure that the hotel is in a place where public transportation is easily accessible. You can also get transport services like Lyft or Uber in case you need one or if renting a car will be more comfortable, start planning it now by looking for the best deals online.

Logistics and Planning Your First and Last Days

Most of the hassle, when traveling or going on vacation, is on the first and last days. During these crucial part of the whole trip, you will most likely be stressed with logistics or get lost in the new environment you’re in. Plan these days and don’t try to squeeze a lot of activities into it. Just get there, have yourself settled and give time for yourself to look ahead and plan for the adventure on the next days. On your last day, just focus on getting all your stuff ready for travel. Give yourself ample cushion time to relax or re-schedule things just in case something goes wrong. Plan for meal times and where to go, schedule site visits and other details but don’t put too much activity into a single day to avoid getting stressed.

Be Ready for the Weather You’re Going to Deal With

If you’re traveling to a place that has a different climate than your place of origin, you’ll need to be prepared for possible things that can ruin your vacation. You might get sick because it’s too cold or gets skin allergies because it’s too hot. Be on the watch for extreme weather advisories all the time as this can make or break your dream vacation. The weather thinks on its own so be sure to arm yourself just in case it turns up on you along the way.

All About Your Finances

Whether it’s a domestic vacation or something that crosses borders internationally, you will need to make sure that you informed your bank and as well as your credit card provider that you’re going to be out of town for some time. And don’t just bring cash, bring other payment methods and access to your money like Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay and others. These digital currencies make you safe and secure even if all your cash gets stolen.

My tip is for you to carry as little cash as possible. You won’t need to carry $10,000 in your bag for a journey that’s going to spend most of its time visiting sites while taking photos. Bring cash that’s just enough for the day.

Plan Like a Boss- Enjoy the Trip Like a Boss

Thorough planning that’s focused on every important aspect of the vacation is the key to doing it like a boss. It ensures that everything transitions smoothly and lessens the possibility of other problems that can ruin everything. Start planning your dream vacation today while following the tips I have given above and you’re up for an enjoyable and memorable adventure!


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