7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

Alaska - 7 Reasons To Add a Cruise to Alaska on Your 2018 Bucket List

Are you still looking to fill-in more items to your travel bucket list this year? If you haven’t listed Alaska in it, then you should consider doing so while you still got the chance. A cruise to the ‘Last Frontier State’ will give you a lot of wonderful experiences you never thought was possible. From beautiful sceneries in nature to the host of fun and exhilarating activities that are available, it truly is one of the best cruise destinations you can ever visit. And if you’re still not convinced then here are 7 reasons why a cruise to Alaska is a good item to add to your bucket list.

1. You Can Pick Your Cruise Line of Choice

When planning for your first cruise to Alaska, you’ll immediately realize that most trips are squeezed into 2 specific months and take only 1/3 of the year. They only occur between the middle of May down to the middle of September. There’s a variety of cruise ships for you to choose from. Just be sure to book your trip in advance to get your place in it reserved before the ship is filled-up.

2. It is a Perfect Destination for People of All Ages

When visiting Alaska, you will quickly realize that there are people of different age brackets who are visiting the place. There are those who go as a family and others as a pack of friends. There’s a vast variety of activities for everyone. From the kids up to the most aged member of the family, this place doesn’t lack of stuff to do to make the journey memorable!

3. Access to Wildlife and Icy Sceneries

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Alaska is one of the few destinations in the world that gives tourists the chance to see and interact with wildlife that thrives on ice. It is your best chance to see an iceberg and witness beautiful wildlife in their natural environment. You will see everything from cute otters basking through the waters and bears hunting for fish. Having a chance to experience these relaxing scenes with your own naked eyes makes cruising to Alaska an excellent item to add to your bucket list.

4. Excursions by the Shore

It’s impossible to visit Alaska without experiencing its shores. A trip to the beautiful shorelines of ‘The Last Frontier’ state is a requirement in every trip. There are many exciting activities to try or you can just enjoy wandering around. There are many other fun activities to try when you’re in Alaska and taking a cruise is your best shot at experiencing all these!

5. You Get a Good Excuse to Tour the Land

Reaching Alaska on a cruise ship won’t allow you to see and experience all the other beautiful sites that are found on land. So it is an excellent excuse for you to take a land tour and witness even more before you return home on your cruise ship. When cruising to Alaska, it is definitely worth it to go and step on its land rather than staying aboard the ship all the time. Try embarking on this journey and you will surely enjoy the all the experiences and trips that you’ll have on land and aboard the ship!

6. Embark on a Historic Tour

The 200th anniversary of Alaska’s acquisition by the U.S. has been celebrated not too long ago. A decision that isn’t viewed as a good one to the point that it is even considered as a waste of money. While the anniversary has already passed, visiting the place will still allow you to celebrate that and at least have a view of the beautiful state that’s more of an asset than a waste of resource. Go on a cruise to Alaska and you’ll easily see why it is so.

7. The Alaska You’ll See Today Won’t Remain That Way Forever

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You might have already heard about ‘Global Warming’ and its effects on the planet. No matter what other people say, this phenomenon is affecting and altering Alaska’s landscape at a rapid rate. Melting glaciers and natural habitats are being destroyed resulting in a depleting number of local species. This means that the Alaska you’ll see by the time you visit it on a cruise ship won’t stay as it is forever. So visit the place now while the landscape is still in relatively good shape. Do it soon before it is too late!

A Place Worth Adding to Your Bucket List

As you can see, Alaska isn’t just a mixture of ice, glaciers and white alps. It is a place that’s worthy to be added to your 2018 bucket list. Try it now and don’t wait for a few years more before going on a cruise to this beautiful paradise.

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