Blog6 - Banish Your Packing Blues! Five Handy Tips to Pack Like a Pro!

Banish Your Packing Blues! Five Handy Tips to Pack Like a Pro!

While going travelling is a truly exciting event, the only part of it that can bring the blues is packing. With baggage limitations, just how many can you bring? Today, pick up a few tips and pack like a pro!

lug2 - Banish Your Packing Blues! Five Handy Tips to Pack Like a Pro!

Roll. Don’t Fold!

You’ve probably heard this one but it’s a tried and true tip that all of us still use today. We all mostly blame movies for giving the idea that clothes need to be neatly packed away. One of our writers had a rude awakening on a trip to Cambodia. He tried to do the fold packing technique and ended up with only 2 changes of clothes for an 8 day trip! We don’t know about you guys but that’s a complete nightmare for us!

So instead of folding your things, roll them up. You can even roll certain items of clothing together (like shirts and your underwear). It’s a great way to plan an outfit and save up on space as well!

Got wheels? Put heaviest items near the wheels

One of the best things to have ever been invented is the concept of the stroller luggage. However, if you’ve ever packed your things all willy-nilly before, you’d have noticed that some may have slipped on downwards toward the wheels. Chances are that these are the heavier parts of your luggage.

So in order to avoid any unwanted movement in your luggage, pack all the heaviest things like shoes near the bottom of the luggage (near the wheels when the luggage is up). That way you can spare yourself from any unnecessary jostling in your luggage.

lug1 - Banish Your Packing Blues! Five Handy Tips to Pack Like a Pro!

Invest in a good luggage weighing scale

This is a true lifesaver when you’re planning on buying a lot of things abroad. Or even if you’re just trying to make sure your luggage passes the allowable weight. There are a lot of small scale digital ones available in the market today. It may seem like an unnecessary expense but it will save you from having to dump any of your precious clothing in the airport just to meet the luggage limit.

Make cable ties your friend

A cable tie is an inexpensive way to keep your things together. This is particularly handy when it comes to your electronic cables. Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to dig through your luggage to find your charging or laptop cables.

 Keeping them in a bunch via zip ties and putting them in a container (like an old sunglasses case) is a great way to secure them.

 Zip Lock bags were invented for a reason

One of our writers, an active international flight attendant, makes use of zip lock bags for two things. She uses one bag for her toiletries and another one for the gadgets. Zip lock backs are waterproof and airtight so nothing goes in and out without by your leave.

Packing needn’t be a nightmare any longer. By using the tips aforementioned above, you save yourself time, money, and a lot of space. This is space that you can dedicate toward other things like the things you buy from your trip!

Blog3 - Never Splurge Again! Financial Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money

Never Splurge Again! Financial Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money

Do you always end up paying more for flights and hotels quite often? Read on as we discuss some very wise financial travel tips to keep you from paying more than you should ever again. We’re not restricting this discussion to simply flights and hotel bookings. We’re going to be discussing other things that will help you save massive dough before and during your travel.

Make going incognito a norm

As much as we hate to break it to you, it is a fact of life that websites do take note of where you’ve been. This means that if the airline website you’re on detects the cookies from previous visits or other airline websites, the prices will go up.

Going on the incognito browser (Ctrl+Shift+N on Chrome) will ensure that no cookies are being saved. This means that you’ll always get the best deals and really low prices.

Notify your bank prior to travel

A common mistake that a lot of people make is that they do not notify their banks about their travel plans. Then, when they try to use their credit cards or try to withdraw, they suddenly find themselves blocked off. This is because your card carries your country code and will send alarm bells to the ATM or payment processor. This is actually truly helpful in protecting you from fraud.

When you notify your bank prior to your travel, be sure to state the specific duration of your stay. So if you suddenly get any sudden charges past your travel date, your bank will know right away that there is something fishy going on.

travel - Never Splurge Again! Financial Travel Hacks to Help You Save Money

Never leave your toiletry buying at the last minute

The usual habit of the non-savvy traveler is simply buying some essentials like toothpaste and the like in the airport convenience store. You may have noticed this if you’re a frequent flyer, but if you aren’t one, you should know that airport prices are stupidly excessive. What will normally cost you $2 at the grocery will end up costing you $10.

Do yourself and your wallet a big fat favor and do all your necessary buying beforehand.

Double check to see that your mobile data is OFF

One of our writers had a grandmother that had racked up $400 in mobile data expenses for an overseas trip. This is a very sad truth; most travelers do not realize that mobile date is something that they can switch off. A good thing to remember is that WiFi is pretty much everywhere so there’s no real need to be connected using your own personal mobile data.

Be sure to check if your mobile data is on and immediately switch it off. The charges for overseas usage are completely staggering and it would be wise not to be caught unaware.

Final Thoughts

Leave your comfort zone in your own home. Travelling should be all about trying something new. Be aware of any cultural norms like the preferred dress code. If the country you’re visiting highly values modesty, it is important to dress appropriately. Not only do you get to plan your look but you also safeguard yourself.