Traveling to Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is among the best locations I have been to in the United States. Apart from turning out to be the most populated town in the United States, Atlanta may be the 3rd biggest town in the U.S. and is referred to as the best internet business community and transportation hub of the nation (it contains the busiest airport too). If you traveling to Atlanta, consider using travel agents in Atlanta.

In terms of tourism, Georgia’s capital city even offers lots to brag about. Several of the Atlanta attractions are recognized throughout the world. It is where world headquarters of Coke, Delta Airlines, and AT&T are located. Apart from that, you will find in addition tour choices for the Atlanta Zoo, an inside CNN Studio Tour, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, The Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Atlanta History Center and also the High Museum of Art.

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An extremely prominent destination among Atlanta attractions will be the High Museum of Art. So what is with this tourist destination which draws a considerable crowd every day?

Below are 3 things that are essential to The High Museum of Art which really makes it stand out among other Atlanta attractions.

mueseum - Traveling to Atlanta Georgia• The High Museum of Art is referred to as the top art museum within the Southeastern portion of the United States. It is a division of the Woodruff Arts Center (together with the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Young Audiences as well as the 14th Street Playhouse).

• “The High” as it’s popularly known as, is a haven which can hold more than 11,000 arts in its permanent collection. Within its wall space are functions of the 19th and 20th-century American art, European art, decorative arts, African American art, contemporary art , modern African art and photography.

• On top of every one of these, The High is likewise a powerful advocate of supporting self-taught Southern artists. The museum carries a curatorial division that is particularly dedicated to the area of self-taught art. This is a distinctive element among North American museums. The museum also hosts an annual film festival and several unique season art exhibitions from numerous international artists.

These are simply three facts which set The High Museum of Art apart from another museum which are a part of the Atlanta attractions roster. Plan a visit to Atlanta. Go to all of the Atlanta attractions and determine why The High stands out.

Blog8 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Today, we discuss the city so nice that they had to name it twice! We’re talking about the fabulous New York City! Join us as we tackle where to stay, what do to, and what to see in the city that never sleeps!

What is New York City?

This fixture in our cinematic history is in the United States. It is the apex of American culture. It is where commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, and so many others were built and grew into the institutions it is today.

ny1 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Why visit this place?

It’s a full celebration of everything that humanity has accomplished. You want to taste different cultures? New York has a plethora of “little” boroughs—communities of immigrants that brought their cultures with them. This means a variety of food, check out the catering in New York and what they offer, wares, textiles, and so many others. To give you a better idea of why New York is somewhere you’d want to be, let’s break down the reasons why!

Food from all over the world

We’re not kidding about this one. If you’ve got a hankering for Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Kosher, etc you’ll never find yourself wanting in New York. With a lot of food places that cater to patrons 24/7, you’ll always have options. If going out at 2:30 in the morning isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can order in. As Blair Waldorf once said, “We can survive on take-out for months and never have to order the same thing twice.”

The food in the heart of the city differs from the food in the boroughs and other parts of the city. So you can let your taste buds run wild with the options.

 Fashion finds

New York is the place for both high-end and lowbrow fashion finds. Labels like to call New York as their home. Why wouldn’t they? The sheer number of guests and wealthy locals keep the specialized industry alive and well. Not to mention that if you time your trip just right and you get suitable invites, you can even see New York Fashion Week!

Architectural marvels

Skyscrapers are the usual sight in New York. Most buildings allow tourists to go to the top floor or their viewing deck to enjoy the sights of the New York skyline. New York City also has several bridges that are worth seeing. The Brooklyn footbridge makes for a good walk and you can simultaneously get a good view of the city from afar.

ny2 - Discover Your Inner Yankee with a Fabulous Trip to New York

Crash course in American culture

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Americans at their best (and worst), the Big Apple is where you go. Get your fill of crazy cabs, funny locals, snooty upper East and West people, and many of the curious tourists just like yourself.

A trip to New York is never something that anyone regrets even if the trip has some mishaps. The mere act of being in the Times Square is a feat in itself. If you’ve ever been there and got some tips to share, send us a message and we’d love to incorporate your thoughts for future discussions.

Blog2 - Chiang-OH-Mai! Three Impressive Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai in Your Lifetime

Chiang-OH-Mai! Three Impressive Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai in Your Lifetime

You’ve probably heard about Chiang Mai but what do you really know about it? Today, we look into the four impressive reasons why this lovely Thailand city within your lifetime.

What is Chiang Mai?

For starters, this is the largest city in Northern Thailand. In local vernacular it means “New City”. It enjoys a steady stream of travelers all throughout the year and for some very good reasons.

ch2 - Chiang-OH-Mai! Three Impressive Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai in Your Lifetime

Chiang Mai is very affordable

Of all the tourist hotspots in Thailand, this city never wants for travelers. As such, they’ve never seen the need to raise prices when it comes to accommodations and attractions. Of course, there are high-end spots in Chiang Mai. But, if you are on a budget, there are a lot of affordable restaurants in the area that are thriving off the backpacker movement.

Not only do you get to enjoy a different culture on a budget, but you also get to taste actual local fare for a quarter of the price. Not only do you get to save up a lot in terms of food and accommodation cots. But Chiang Mai also has a thriving public market. The vendors here sell their specialized wares at local prices as there are locals who do live in the area and buy their wares from there.

Chiang Mai has very friendly locals

As it is a fact of their lives that their city gets a steady stream of tourists, the locals have adjusted to this fact. However, it is to be noted that the fact they always have tourists is not the only reason why the locals are kind and accommodating. From a cultural standpoint, this city was a primarily Buddhist city. Peace loving and respectful, their religious teachings constantly governs the locals.

ch1 - Chiang-OH-Mai! Three Impressive Reasons Why You Need to Visit Chiang Mai in Your Lifetime

There is a lot to do in Chiang Mai

If you’re gunning for a food trip, this city has a lot of places for you to eat. It is in this place that you get to taste some of the native dishes that are sure to make your mouth water like the Banana Blossom Salad. Pad Thai is also something that you can catch here. The variations of the local dish here is enough that you can live here for a year and never have to eat the same variation twice.

If you’re looking for a more cultural immersion, Chiang Mai has the walled city waiting for you. In there, you get treated to majestic and ancient architecture. You can visit Wat Pharathat Doi Suthep and the other temples within the old city walls.

The city of Chiang Mai also has a nightly bazaar that you can visit. Their marketplace is a shopper’s dream come true. They have stalls that sell food, clothing, materials, and so many others that are locally sourced products. So not only are you enriching yourself but you’re also helping the locals earn a sustainable living.

Final thoughts

No matter what type of traveler you are, Chiang Mai has something for you. This is why going to this lovely ancient city is a definite must in your lifetime.